Healing-The Great News We received great news during my husband’s Doc visit earlier this week. Since starting the new therapy, Darzalex+Velcade+Dex in early May, his cancer “numbers” have continued to go up each month, instead of down. But his last test result showed a decrease in that magic ratio number they use to determine the… (0 comment)

Fickle Florence Hits New Bern
Mandatory Evacuation As we sat at the cancer center Tuesday afternoon waiting for my husband’s chemo treatment, we learned Craven County had issued a mandatory evacuation in response to Hurricane Florence slowly moving toward the coast. We had discussed leaving or staying and I had spent Monday and Tuesday preparing for the emergencies of the… (0 comment)

LOVE A couple of years ago, we began receiving scammer phone calls.  Lots of them.  Despite listing them with the Do Not Call registry, they continued to come.  So, we don’t answer the phone unless we recognize the number, or the name associated with that number.  And scammers continue their cleverness as they learn to… (0 comment)

Waiting.  “All Representatives Are Busy”
Waiting for Help This past year, I noticed that no matter what service I am paying for, every time I call for help, “all representatives are busy helping other people.” Or sometimes I get, “we are experiencing a larger number of calls than usual, a service representative will be with you as soon as possible.”… (0 comment)

Spring Retreat-A Break From Cancer
Spring Retreat at the Beach We planned our spring retreat to the beach the last three weeks in April.  Since we had to make reservations a year ahead of time, we added an extra week just in case it happened to conflict with my husband’s three-week chemo schedule.  And as it turned out, due to… (0 comment)

Next Line of Treatment-Waiting
Next Line of Treatment When I posted last month, my husband and I were planning to meet with his oncologist to begin the next line of treatment, Darzalex, as his cancer numbers were showing a slow rise.  We were ready to make the change but when we met with our Doc,  he took time to explain… (1 comment)

A Fork In The Road-Darzalex Journey
The Phone Call As January drew to a close, my husband and I had just finished dinner, relaxing and enjoying an evening together.  He is on his second week of his three-week ‘vacation from chemo’.  Happy he is feeling like his old self again.  We’ve learned how precious these blessed three weeks off can be,… (0 comment)