Waiting.  “All Representatives Are Busy”
Waiting for Help This past year, I noticed that no matter what service I am paying for, every time I call for help, “all representatives are busy helping other people.” Or sometimes I get, “we are experiencing a larger number of calls than usual, a service representative will be with you as soon as possible.”… (0 comment)

Spring Retreat-A Break From Cancer
Spring Retreat at the Beach We planned our spring retreat to the beach the last three weeks in April.  Since we had to make reservations a year ahead of time, we added an extra week just in case it happened to conflict with my husband’s three-week chemo schedule.  And as it turned out, due to… (0 comment)

Next Line of Treatment-Waiting
Next Line of Treatment When I posted last month, my husband and I were planning to meet with his oncologist to begin the next line of treatment, Darzalex, as his cancer numbers were showing a slow rise.  We were ready to make the change but when we met with our Doc,  he took time to explain… (1 comment)

A Fork In The Road-Darzalex Journey
The Phone Call As January drew to a close, my husband and I had just finished dinner, relaxing and enjoying an evening together.  He is on his second week of his three-week ‘vacation from chemo’.  Happy he is feeling like his old self again.  We’ve learned how precious these blessed three weeks off can be,… (0 comment)